6 Leadership Qualities to Motivate and Inspire your Team

A leader is at the heart of an organization. He occupies a controlling place there and runs things around. However, control should be exercised with caution.

A leader is expected to follow an unwritten decorum if the company is to reach its maximum potential. Fortunately, it is possible to inspire your team by practising certain qualities.

1. Having a vision

This is at the core of all the team motivation tips. Vision is the blueprint of the things the leaders want for their organization. It is central to the planning and strategy of the company’s goals.

Having a vision will also require you to be acquainted with the company’s history if you represent an organisation. Reiterate this vision and inspire your team to work in this direction.

Without a vision, the progress of the company/cause will be retarded.

2. A Positive attitude

The most important of team motivation tips is for the leader to have a positive attitude in all situations. If the leader is upset or pessimistic, there will be a havoc in the entire team. Moreover, this will also cause the employees to have a hostile attitude towards the leader.

Having a positive will inspire your team especially in times of crises such as huge targets and thin deadlines. The energy at workplace can have a tremendous impact on the performance of the employees and hence the company. So, it is necessary to keep this an ideal balance of sincerity and positivity.

3.Risk taking and management

Regular tasks may be immune to losses, but they will form a cycle of ordinary results. For extraordinary results, it is essential to look beyond the ordinary.The leader should be capable of taking calculated risks.

One can take calculated risks by assessing projections and conducting research. Also, if the risks involve money,as they most likely will, there should be insurances to cover them up and back up plans, if plan A doesn’t turn out as expected. This constitutes risk management.

4. Communication

This goes without saying and yet huge blunders can happen without ideal communication. There is a certain hierarchy in a company and a given message can go wrong at any of the stages. Team motivation ideas include that the leader should make sure there isn’t any miscommunication at any level.

Furthermore, communication or it’s lack thereof doesn’t happen just by the medium of speech but also by body language and misunderstandings. Misinterpretation of even one sentence can reflect as a huge mistake in a project. So it is also important to make sure that your employees are on the same page as you.

5. Focus

This is something a leader should constantly have. Focus involves assessing what’s working for the company and what not. One size does not fit all. Likewise, one plan can’t work always.

The leader should know the strengths and weaknesses of his employees and assign them tasks accordingly. If everyone works in the area of their interest, their performances will be at their peak. This will inspire your team to work harder as they will enjoy it.

6. Humility

Heading an organization comes with it’s special pressure. This can sometimes make the leader cranky, arrogant or plain inconsiderate. Do not let these things get the better of you.

Understand that the team is working hard just to fulfill your collective vision for the company. Things can go wrong sometimes, but that is when your support is most needed. Being humble and appreciating your employees is one of the most important team motivation ideas.


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